The Emperor of Japan was sick of seeing his people killed in WWII and wanted the war to end. The problem, many Japanese people were brainwashed by the Japanese MSM into thinking the corrupt government (that wanted the war to continue) was on their side and the Emperor was the bad guy. Fake news from Japan's MSM murdered people! The POTUS of that day also wanted the war to end and so save the lives of both US soldiers and civilian Japanese people. So an instant end to the war was made. Even though it killed over a hundred thousand lives, it saved hundreds of millions of people from being killed via WW2 by continued B-29 bombings which would have eventually pounded all of Japan into nothing! 

The US told the Japanese government of the A Bomb, but corrupt politicians did not care about people, only their political agendas. Corrupt politicians needed to keep people ignorant via their MSM so their people could be controlled, even killed! The USA had to reach the oppressed Japanese people with life saving truth. Therefore, before the atomic bombs were dropped, lifesaving LeMay Leaflets were first dropped on the cities warning people to get out!  These leaflets were like lifesaving manna to the Japanese people which were starving for truth, but were also mere litter/trash to liberal politicians and their MSM! Even worse, Japanese people caught possessing and/or distributing these lifesaving truths were punished for saving lives! It is also true History that after the A-Bomb devastation happened, the POTUS wanted to make Japan great again by sending food to Japan. Within 5 years he made Japan great again! 

But there were two kinds of people who lived in the cities targeted for nuclear devastation: 
• Those who viewed the LeMay Leaflets as life saving literature and so shared it with others hoping to save others as they left the city. In viewing the LeMay Leaflets as life saving literature they themselves were heroic lifesavers. 

• Those who viewed the LeMay Leaflets as worthless litter and so trashed it were nuked along with the rest of the city. In viewing the LeMay Leaflets as worthless litter they themselves were worthless litter and got burned up like trash.

If you were alive back in Japan, would you save lives by spreading the leaflets or would you refuse to for fear of the corrupt government and their fake news MSM?  What kind of person are you anyway, a heroic life saver or worthless litter? 

History is repeating itself

President Trump is sick of seeing his people killed by COVID's lockdown "cures" based on a worldwide pandemic hoax based on a virus no more deadly worldwide than the average flu as of May 2020. The problem, many people are brainwashed by the MSM into thinking the Liberal Leftists (that shelter and protect the virus inside masks so it can survive the summer and so continue into the fall) are on their side and the POTUS is the bad guy. Fake news from the MSM is deceiving and destroying all of us and our POTUS! The POTUS of today wants the lockdown to end and save the US people from being killed by the "cure" from the pandemic hoax. An instant end to this hoax must be made. Even though a few more will die from COVID, hundreds of millions of people's lives will be saved from the further lockdown. Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C, fresh air and sunlight each kill the virus, but politicians do not care about “We the people”, they only care about the virus and tell us to keep sheltering the virus from all that kills the virus. Politicians need to keep the virus safe inside of our masks where it can grow safely shaded in the dark from sunlight and also keep us people also in the dark completely ignorant so we can be controlled, even killed! 

Therefore, these lifesaving Truth Lifelets are warning people to get out, remove their germ infested face diapers so the virus can die in the sun so we can freely enjoy life again! Warning: If you get caught possessing and/or distributing this lifesaving truth you will be punished by liberals for saving innocent lives! After the O-Bomb (Obama) devastation happened, the current POTUS wanted to make the USA great again.  Within 4 years President Trump made our economy better than the last 50 years! He can do it again if we support him! So get out, remove your germ infested face diaper, kill the virus in sunlight and enjoy freedom once again before we lose all our freedoms to tyrants secretly planning to kill us all, not just with a virus, but in ways so horrible we will wish we did die from the virus! 

People under Socialist/Marxist/Islamist tyrannies merely survive. They do not truly live in freedom as we do in this Constitutional Republic.  So is this thing in your hand litter or a lifesaving device? According to your intelligence level it is yours to do whatever you wish with it! If you are a heroic life saver, this is a life saving device for you to share with others. If you are litter, then this is mere litter to you, so trash it and prepare yourself be trashed like litter by corrupt politicians. Only intelligent people question everything they hear and see from the MSM and so seek truth about everything! 

If you are not an intelligent smart person, then maybe it is best if you trash the questions contained inside this delivery system and keep your brain switched off and let the MSM do all your thinking for you!